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Interview on CBC radio’s Masala Canada


If you have a few minutes to spare check out the interview i did on CBC radio’s Masala Canada

Click here to listen to it. I get on roughly 39 minutes into the show.

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Arctic Mosque opens it’s doors!

The little mosque in the arctic that’s been causing an international media buzz has finally opened its doors yesterday november 10th at 2pm.

Since the mosque’s arrival in Inuvik on September 23rd, many people lent a helping hand to help finish the final needed renovations. A contractor from Ontario, who had heard about the mosque on the news offered to help out, he later designed and built a 32 foot minaret.

Hussain Guisti, general manager of the Zubaidah Tallab foundation in Winnipeg, organized and raised funds to build and send the mosque to Inuvik. He arrived in Inuvik yesterday to inaugurate its opening.

We would like to show you images and video, but all we can say is that we’re in negotiations to broadcast a little piece on this amazingly uplifting story. So keep on reading our blog for the latest news!

It’s great to see this story get press, below are a few links from international media:

The Age
Kansas City news

Petite mosquée dans le grand nord/ Little mosque in the great north

future site for the mosque in Inuvik/Terrain où la mosquée va être déposée

Cette petite histoire de mosquée commence à faire beaucoup de vagues dans les médias canadiens.

En effet, dans moins de 2 semaines va arriver à Inuvik une mosquée construite à Winnipeg et financée par la fondation musulmane Zubaidah Tallab. La communauté musulmane d’Inuvik compte environ 70 personnes et jusqu’à présent, ils se regroupaient pour prier dans une espèce de maison mobile trop petite et trop vieille.

Nous vous fournirons toutes les anecdotes reliées à cette histoire dans les semaines à venir, comme nous avons eu le feu vert d’Upside Télévision, la boîte qui nous a permis de venir jusqu’ici, pour rester plus longtemps et filmer cette histoire!

Nous en profitons aussi pour mieux connaître Inuvik et les différentes communautés… et pour voir arriver l’hiver à une vitesse folle. Les flaques d’eau gèlent déjà la nuit!

À suivre donc.


The little story about the mosque is starting to make a lot of waves across Canada.

As a matter of fact, in less then 2 weeks the prefabricated mosque will arrive in Inuvik by barge. It was built in Winnipeg and financed by the Zubaidah Tallab foundation. The muslim community in Inuvik is approximately 70 strong and currently prays in a small run-down trailer.

Throughout the next weeks we will be posting interesting stories related to this event. This is thanks to Upside Télévision, the production company that sent us here in the first place, who just gave us the green light to stay here a little longer and shoot this story!

We’ll take advantage of this time to get to know Inuvik and it’s various communities a little better…. but also to watch the winter approach, which is coming a lot quicker then we imagined. Puddles are already freezing up over night!

So stayed tuned.