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Dernières photos en ligne

Toutes nos meilleures photos du Dempster et d’Inuvik enfin en ligne sur Picassa.


Nouvelles photos!

Elles ne sont pas encore toutes là, mais voici une bonne poignée de photos prises depuis notre départ (le site inclut aussi des photos de projets précédents)

They’re not all there, but you can now have a look at some of the pictures we took since we left for the North (some come from previous projects)

Just givin’r on the Dempster

Our parents got worried when we told them we were going to drive the infamous Dempster Highway from Dawson to Inuvik.  The Dempster is a 700 km gravel road (or mud depending on the weather) that snakes it’s way through mountains, tundra and boreal forests of Northern Canada. There are no cities or towns along this highway expect for a pit stop at the half way mark called Eagle Plains (Stay tuned for a post about that!)

A view from the Dempster Highway of Tombstone National Park (yes this is a real picture we took ourselves! and no color correction!)

We were told to bring a satellite phone, extra tires, wood and a Sherpa guide in case something went wrong but unfortunately all we could afford was a bag of chips and some carrots. So we set off, naively driving into nowhere slipping our way through the nicest scenery I’ve ever seen.

And it’s only after we completed the drive that I realized how remote the arctic was. The Dempster was only completed in 1979 and is the only all-weather road that connects a few arctic communities to the remainder of the world, or should I say North America. The majority of all other first nation communities that are at this latitude or higher are only accessible by boat or plane, making their access to the south extremely slow or extremely expensive.

So that’s when I wondered, why did the communities of the Mackenzie-Beaufort Delta luck out on getting a road linking them to Canada and not others?? Are they cooler? Did they win a draw? It’s not hard to find out when you dig deeper, and no pun intended on that one, that the Dempster is more then just a road linking friendly communities and cultures together.

The fact is that during the 50 and 60’s geologist, researchers and whole slew of smart people concluded that there were vast and abundant resources available underneath their ground. Whether it’s minerals, gas or oil the MacKenzie Delta has it. And eager to get a hold on it,  the Canadian government quickly decided to link this area to the south. So that’s why they cut through crazy landscapes to create an abnormally long and lost  highway.

Eagle Plains: only safe spot on the Dempster

So what did this highway bring to these communities? How did it and how will it change them? I guess that’s a big question to answer and I’ll try, in the blogs to come, to shed a bit of light on this extremely complex issue. But for now I got to go. We took over 300 pictures along the Dempster and I can’t believe they’re real. That’s why I want to have a look at them… for a 3rd time today.

see you..