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Call me Salma @ Vancouver Queer Film Fest

Hello Everybody!

Our documentary Call me Salma will be playing at the Vancouver Queer film Festival, August 13th @5pm. Go check it out if you haven’t already! Spread the word, spread the love!





Entrevue radio: Appelez-moi Salma

Plus tôt cette semaine nous avons fait une entrevue pour l’émission ‘Aujourd’hui le Monde’ à Radio Ville-Marie. Si vous avez manqué la diffusion la voici.

ALM – Appelez-moi Salma by sebrist

4 Korean stars out of 5!

Call me self-absorbed or simply a good procrastinator, but somedays i find myself googling the title of our documentary ‘Call me Salma‘.

Today i randomly came across this Korean blog that gave our doc 4 stars out of 5.

Check it out by clicking here

You can attempt to understand what they wrote by using google translator …But that might confuse you even more…




Interview on CBC radio’s Masala Canada


If you have a few minutes to spare check out the interview i did on CBC radio’s Masala Canada

Click here to listen to it. I get on roughly 39 minutes into the show.

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Another article about ‘Call me Salma’


There’s a new article out about our documentary ‘Call me Salma‘. It was written for this week’s Concordian.

Click here to read it

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