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Appelez-moi Salma sur ARTE partout en Europe

C’est tout à fait par hasard qu’on a découvert hier que Appelez-moi Salma a joué sur ARTE les 9 et 16 novembre dernier! On savait déjà que la vente du film à la chaine franco-allemande avait été officialisée, mais on ne connaissait pas encore les dates de diffusion.

Hélas! on l’a découvert un peu trop tard… mais n’empêche, on est très heureux de savoir que tous les Européens on pu voir le film à la télé! En plus, ARTE en a fait la diffusion sur Internet jusqu’au 21 novembre. Quelqu’un s’est même amusé à copier le film et à mettre les 15 premières minutes sur YouTube.

“I will always remember Salma” says G. Seifert

This article came as a surprise. The author saw Call me Salma at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival last August and decided to write a piece on it in the VERS Magazine. Thanks Gunter Seifert!

Call me Salma @ Vancouver Queer Film Fest

Hello Everybody!

Our documentary Call me Salma will be playing at the Vancouver Queer film Festival, August 13th @5pm. Go check it out if you haven’t already! Spread the word, spread the love!




Entrevue radio: Appelez-moi Salma

Plus tôt cette semaine nous avons fait une entrevue pour l’émission ‘Aujourd’hui le Monde’ à Radio Ville-Marie. Si vous avez manqué la diffusion la voici.

ALM – Appelez-moi Salma by sebrist

Salma au Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois

Bien que produit en France, “Appelez-moi Salma” est assez québécois pour s’être traillé une place au Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois!

24 février @18h
Salle Fernand-Séguin de la Cinémathèque québécoise

Détails de la projection

4 Korean stars out of 5!

Call me self-absorbed or simply a good procrastinator, but somedays i find myself googling the title of our documentary ‘Call me Salma‘.

Today i randomly came across this Korean blog that gave our doc 4 stars out of 5.

Check it out by clicking here

You can attempt to understand what they wrote by using google translator …But that might confuse you even more…




Another article about ‘Call me Salma’


There’s a new article out about our documentary ‘Call me Salma‘. It was written for this week’s Concordian.

Click here to read it

Thanks again,

Daniel Lanteigne’s Salma Picture shortlisted for picture of the year!

Daniel Lanteigne, the man behind the camera of our documentary ‘Call me salma’ has just recently put online a few pictures (one of Salma)  which are shortlisted for Verge Magazine’s photo of the year.

Please take a second and vote for his pictures!!! Click here to vote

Daniel Lanteigne, l’homme derrière la caméra de notre documentaire ‘Appelez-moi Salma’,  a quelques photos (dont une de Salma) en nomination pour la photo de l’année du Verge Magazine!

Prenez quelques secondes et allez voter pour ses photos!!! Cliquez ici pour voter

Black waters de Daniel Lanteigne

Article sur Salma dans l’Oeil régional


photos: Ninon Pednault (portrait Aude et Seb) et Daniel Lanteigne (Salma)

‘Call me Salma’ theme song \\ Chanson thème pour ‘Appelez-moi Salma’

Hey ,

Have a listen to the track ‘Salma’s Anthem’, the theme song for our documentary, produced by Jonathan Rist, who’s also known as Morbin.

You can also download the song by clicking the following link.

Ecoutez la chanson ‘Salma’s Anthem’, chanson thème de notre documentaire, composée par Jonathan Rist, aussi connu sous le nom de Morbin.

Vous pouvez télécharger la chanson en cliquant le lien suivant.

Article de Salma sur le site de Kalibre Québec

Psst! Jettez un coup d’oeil au site, il y a un bon article en ligne!!

Psst! If you have time, go and visit the website, there’s a good article online!!


Time for FFM screenings/Heures des présentations au FFM


‘Appelez-moi Salma’ will be playing alongside another documentary at the ‘Cinéma du quartier latin’ on:

27th of august 17h30 theatre L14.

29th of august 19h20 theatre L14.

30th of august 14h50 theatre L14.

Note that the film is only subtitled in French.

For more details click here

See you there!!!

Notre documentaire ‘Appelez-moi Salma’ jouera avec un autre documentaire au Cinéma du quartier latin’ :

Le 27 août 17h30  théatre L14.

Le 29 août 19h20  théatre L14.

Le 30 août 14h50  théatre L14.

Pour plus de détails cliquez ici

On se voit là!!

Call me Salma/Appelez-moi Salma: EBS International documentary film Festival

Salut, Hey

Le Festival International de documentaires EBS en Corée du Sud, qui diffuse des films à la fois à la télévision et sur les grands écrans, a selectionné notre film Appelez-moi Salma!
‘Appelez-moi Salma’ jouera à la chaîne télé de EBS samedi le 28 août à 19:05 hrs, heure de Corée.

Faites circuler!

The EBS International documentary film festival in South Korea, which screens their festival on both television and in theatre in South Korea has selected our documentary Call me Salma! ‘Call me Salma’ will be playing on the EBS network saturday august 28th at 19:05 hrs, Korean time.

Spread the word!

Download ‘Call me Salma’ Flyer

Some people in the past have asked us if we had a flyer or press kit for our documentary ‘Call me Salma/Appelez-moi Salma

Finally, here it is, please click here to download it. Sorry it’s only in English.

Better late then never right?

Il y a du monde qui nous on demandé si on avait un dépliant ou ciné-fiche pour notre documentaire ‘Call me Salma/Appelez-moi Salma

Finalement, le voici, svp cliquez ici pour le télécharger. Désolé il est seulement en anglais.

Mieux vaut tard que jamais n’est-ce pas?

Premier article sur ‘Appelez-moi Salma’/First article about ‘Call me Salma’

Après avoir lu cet article à propos de notre doc, on a l’impression d’avoir réalisé un film d’aventure.

After having read this article about our doc, we get the impression that we directed an adventure flick.

‘Appelez-moi Salma’ Minuit, Le soir du 6 avril, sur DIRECT 8

Finalement! Finally!

Qui aurait cru il y a un an que Salma serait à la télé en France.

Who would of thought a year ago that Salma would be on Tv in France.

‘Appelez-moi Salma’ Unofficial premier

Hey everybody. If you’re in Montreal and have nothing to do on sunday afternoons come check out our documentary. Entry is free so tell your friends! See you there

‘Call me Salma’ official trailer, ‘Appelez-moi Salma’ bande-annonce officielle

version française

English version

done and done

So our Bangladeshi journey has finally come to an end. After almost 12 months, both of us are headed back home to our cold and frigged country. It’s also been a a few months since we actually put up a post with more then 2 sentences, but now that we finally have time on our hands, here we go:

In case you didn’t know, the last 4-5 months have been absolutely hectic. We began production of the documentary in early October, finished it in November and a day later flew out to Paris to edit the doc. The editing came to end on  December 23rd where after a few days rest, we returned back to Bangladesh with dvd copies of the doc.

Although we were only gone for just over a month, Dhaka seemed like a completely different country. When we left, the city was hot, and trees were still green, we go back, trees are covered in dust, the city is cold and grey.

Aside planning our return back to Canada, we didn’t do much else in Bangladesh but show our doc to as many people as possible. Thankfully, Pinky and Salma enjoyed it, laughing at the right places and liking the right moments. Our friends, as well as strangers also had good comments.

We also had the opportunity to show the doc at a few universities, where after discussing with the audience, realized that homosexuality and trans-sexuality is a topic that is still extremely taboo and not talked about publicly in Bangaldesh.

Another thing we did do was donate a computer to Pinky’s hijra community. Now that we’re gone, hijras will hopefully be curious enough to check their new device and learn a few things a long the way.

So now we’re going back home, with our evergreen project/call me salma/appelez-moi salma doc completed., the distribution side of the production company is working hard trying to sell it to as many tv station as possible and we’re trying to plug it into the most festivals possible.

So we’ll keep you posted throughout the coming months, letting you know where the doc will play and what we’re up to now that we’re jobless.


Here are a few links of press:

picture taken from the q+a period of screening at 'University of liberal arts of Bangladesh'

the last remaining ‘behind the scenes pics’

check them out.. awaiting on a few things before we can finally reveal the trailer and other fun stuff!!!

more ‘behind the scenes pictures uploaded’

You’ll find, in the same folder as before, more pictures of the shoot. Check them out if you can.

‘Call me Salma’ ‘Appelez-moi Salma’ the documentary is done!

Hello all,

it’s obviously been a while since our last post, primarily because we’ve been extremely busy finishing the documentary.

Now that it’s complete, have a look at some of the ‘behind the scene pictures’

much more pictures/info/videos to come


The Evergreen Facebook group is up

If you are in need of more frequent Evergreen updates we suggest that you join our Evergreen project Facebook group. 

Si vous voulez encore plus d’info sur notre project;  joignez vous à notre groupe Facebook. 

Joignez vous en cliquant ici – Join by clicking here



The Evergreen demo is finally up!

After an exhaustive and emotional  pre-shoot we managed

to pull something together and edit a short demo. 

Watch it, talk about it, write about it, 

thank you Salma and Pinky

Version française

thanks for watching