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Appelez-moi Salma sur ARTE partout en Europe

C’est tout à fait par hasard qu’on a découvert hier que Appelez-moi Salma a joué sur ARTE les 9 et 16 novembre dernier! On savait déjà que la vente du film à la chaine franco-allemande avait été officialisée, mais on ne connaissait pas encore les dates de diffusion.

Hélas! on l’a découvert un peu trop tard… mais n’empêche, on est très heureux de savoir que tous les Européens on pu voir le film à la télé! En plus, ARTE en a fait la diffusion sur Internet jusqu’au 21 novembre. Quelqu’un s’est même amusé à copier le film et à mettre les 15 premières minutes sur YouTube.

Call me Salma @ Vancouver Queer Film Fest

Hello Everybody!

Our documentary Call me Salma will be playing at the Vancouver Queer film Festival, August 13th @5pm. Go check it out if you haven’t already! Spread the word, spread the love!




4 Korean stars out of 5!

Call me self-absorbed or simply a good procrastinator, but somedays i find myself googling the title of our documentary ‘Call me Salma‘.

Today i randomly came across this Korean blog that gave our doc 4 stars out of 5.

Check it out by clicking here

You can attempt to understand what they wrote by using google translator …But that might confuse you even more…




Interview on CBC radio’s Masala Canada


If you have a few minutes to spare check out the interview i did on CBC radio’s Masala Canada

Click here to listen to it. I get on roughly 39 minutes into the show.

thanks again,

Another article about ‘Call me Salma’


There’s a new article out about our documentary ‘Call me Salma‘. It was written for this week’s Concordian.

Click here to read it

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Arctic Mosque opens it’s doors!

The little mosque in the arctic that’s been causing an international media buzz has finally opened its doors yesterday november 10th at 2pm.

Since the mosque’s arrival in Inuvik on September 23rd, many people lent a helping hand to help finish the final needed renovations. A contractor from Ontario, who had heard about the mosque on the news offered to help out, he later designed and built a 32 foot minaret.

Hussain Guisti, general manager of the Zubaidah Tallab foundation in Winnipeg, organized and raised funds to build and send the mosque to Inuvik. He arrived in Inuvik yesterday to inaugurate its opening.

We would like to show you images and video, but all we can say is that we’re in negotiations to broadcast a little piece on this amazingly uplifting story. So keep on reading our blog for the latest news!

It’s great to see this story get press, below are a few links from international media:

The Age
Kansas City news

Salma goes to Hollywood!

Just letting you know that our doc ‘Call me Salma’ is being screened three more times before Christmas. Check them out where ever you are because they all happen to be FREE!

Juste pour vous dire que notre doc ‘Appelez-moi Salma’ sera présenté à trois autres reprises d’ici Noël. Allez le visionnez, peu importe où vous êtes car l’admission pour toutes les présentations est GRATUITE!

Thanks again for all the support! Merci pour tout!


November 8th at 5pm, Goethe Institute, Dhaka Bangladesh. Part of the Under the rainbow festivalMore info please click here

November 29th 7pm, Concordia University, Montréal, Québec. Part of the Cinema Politica film circuitMore info please click here

December 3rd, 11pm, Empress Theatre, Hollywood, California. Part of the Artivist film festivalMore info please click here


Check out the trailer/Visionnez la bande annonce

Article sur Salma dans la Presse

Un petit article dans La Presse. Cliquez ici pour le visionner. Faites votre part et partagez ce lien! Merci

Little article in La Presse. Click here to read it. Please do you part and share the link! Thanks

Article sur Salma dans l’Oeil régional


photos: Ninon Pednault (portrait Aude et Seb) et Daniel Lanteigne (Salma)

Nouvelles photos!

Elles ne sont pas encore toutes là, mais voici une bonne poignée de photos prises depuis notre départ (le site inclut aussi des photos de projets précédents)

They’re not all there, but you can now have a look at some of the pictures we took since we left for the North (some come from previous projects)

Petite mosquée dans le grand nord/ Little mosque in the great north

future site for the mosque in Inuvik/Terrain où la mosquée va être déposée

Cette petite histoire de mosquée commence à faire beaucoup de vagues dans les médias canadiens.

En effet, dans moins de 2 semaines va arriver à Inuvik une mosquée construite à Winnipeg et financée par la fondation musulmane Zubaidah Tallab. La communauté musulmane d’Inuvik compte environ 70 personnes et jusqu’à présent, ils se regroupaient pour prier dans une espèce de maison mobile trop petite et trop vieille.

Nous vous fournirons toutes les anecdotes reliées à cette histoire dans les semaines à venir, comme nous avons eu le feu vert d’Upside Télévision, la boîte qui nous a permis de venir jusqu’ici, pour rester plus longtemps et filmer cette histoire!

Nous en profitons aussi pour mieux connaître Inuvik et les différentes communautés… et pour voir arriver l’hiver à une vitesse folle. Les flaques d’eau gèlent déjà la nuit!

À suivre donc.


The little story about the mosque is starting to make a lot of waves across Canada.

As a matter of fact, in less then 2 weeks the prefabricated mosque will arrive in Inuvik by barge. It was built in Winnipeg and financed by the Zubaidah Tallab foundation. The muslim community in Inuvik is approximately 70 strong and currently prays in a small run-down trailer.

Throughout the next weeks we will be posting interesting stories related to this event. This is thanks to Upside Télévision, the production company that sent us here in the first place, who just gave us the green light to stay here a little longer and shoot this story!

We’ll take advantage of this time to get to know Inuvik and it’s various communities a little better…. but also to watch the winter approach, which is coming a lot quicker then we imagined. Puddles are already freezing up over night!

So stayed tuned.

‘Be careful, some people might be wanted here!’

Be careful, some people might be wanted here!’ That’s what Al the gold miner told us after we took out our camera in the local bar of ‘Dodge’… or as tourists and everybody else calls ‘Dawson City’.

We arrived in town late afternoon after a very beautiful 5 hour drive from Whitehorse.  After having heard so much about this town, I had built many pre-conceived notions, thinking it would be sort of a small Mont-Tremblant/Disney World, where the early 20th century architecture and style was maintained for the drones of tourists coming to see what the gold rush might of been. It is, to a certain point, true but there is raw and authentic feeling bubbling from this town that I’m having trouble explaining.

After having supper in a century old diner with loads of cowboy hat wearing German tourists, we left trying look for the locals. We walked around and heard some yelling coming from a dark musky bar.

We hesitated to enter at first,  with the majority the patrons being native and middle aged, we felt out of place and almost unwelcomed. But we bit the bullet and asked for a beer. After having sat down we began speaking to the people next to us, who later introduced us to Al.

Al is the person we wanted to meet. Originally from Newfoundland he moved to Dawson many years ago to find work as a meat cutter. He later decided to change hats and begin work as a gold miner, yes there are still gold miners here.

Working 12 hour days, 7 days a week for 5 months straight in the summer, Al works in a ‘dry’ mine with 3 other colleges, one being the multimillionaire Australian owner. The camp is an hour away from Dawson, where they set up and live there for the majority of the summer. I say ‘dry’ mine, because alcohol, as he said was not welcome into his work place.

Al had a lot to say, so much that I won’t have time to write it all up in this blog. But the one thing that struck me was that he said he was related to one the man who lead the way for the Dempster Highway construction. Married to a local first-nations women, her grand-father had a trap line starting from Fort McPherson ending near Dawson City (nearly 800km long).  The RCMP, basically followed his route and constructed a gravel road along his trap line.

He also mentioned that there was a small first-nations community just south of Dawson, where the real history was, he said. He promised to bring us there and show us where the natives where forced to live when the gold rush began, note that many still live there today.

That said, after hearing his stories, I realized that this city still had the heart and soul that we read of in history books. Excited we decided to take pictures in the bar, but soon after, Al brought Aude in a corner and tell her that she should be cautious of who she takes pictures of. That’s when Al said, ‘Some people might be wanted here!’ I’m getting chills… these are the next people we’ll have to meet.

p.s. did I say there’s a guy that lives in a cave?

The bar that told us stories

‘Going to drive as far north as Canada will let me’

‘Going to drive as far north as Canada will let me’ is what i posted on my facebook wall yesterday only realizing this morning, as I woke up from my first night in Whitehorse, the real implications of what we have in store for us.

It seems unreal, for the last 4 months we’ve been reading, researching and writing about the North, and now we’re here and we have to drive through a large portion of it, but why?

As some of you may already know the production company behind our last documentary is helping us push our next. An idea that spawned after an American told us in one of the only coffee shops of Bangladesh ‘There’s this guy in Inuvik, who drives down to Vancouver to pick up fruit and then he sells them in the arctic…that should be you’re next story!!

And it will be, in sorts. After digging deeper and making a few more calls, we have a vague idea of what our next documentary might be. You can read more about our proposal and story by visiting this page of our blog.

But in the meantime, keep on reading our blog because throughout the next 3 weeks, we’ll be driving from Whitehorse, Yukon all the way to Inuvik, NWT and back. We’ll be meeting people, visiting places in hopes of coming back with a better understanding of the North. Note that we’re not shooting our documentary, but rather here for research and development.

So here we are, which is the complete opposite of where we were last year. We’ve moved from a hot, crowded and inexpensive environment, to an empty, cold and expensive world. Can’t wait to get lost.

Stay tuned,

Article de Salma sur le site de Kalibre Québec

Psst! Jettez un coup d’oeil au site, il y a un bon article en ligne!!

Psst! If you have time, go and visit the website, there’s a good article online!!


Time for FFM screenings/Heures des présentations au FFM


‘Appelez-moi Salma’ will be playing alongside another documentary at the ‘Cinéma du quartier latin’ on:

27th of august 17h30 theatre L14.

29th of august 19h20 theatre L14.

30th of august 14h50 theatre L14.

Note that the film is only subtitled in French.

For more details click here

See you there!!!

Notre documentaire ‘Appelez-moi Salma’ jouera avec un autre documentaire au Cinéma du quartier latin’ :

Le 27 août 17h30  théatre L14.

Le 29 août 19h20  théatre L14.

Le 30 août 14h50  théatre L14.

Pour plus de détails cliquez ici

On se voit là!!

Call me Salma/Appelez-moi Salma: EBS International documentary film Festival

Salut, Hey

Le Festival International de documentaires EBS en Corée du Sud, qui diffuse des films à la fois à la télévision et sur les grands écrans, a selectionné notre film Appelez-moi Salma!
‘Appelez-moi Salma’ jouera à la chaîne télé de EBS samedi le 28 août à 19:05 hrs, heure de Corée.

Faites circuler!

The EBS International documentary film festival in South Korea, which screens their festival on both television and in theatre in South Korea has selected our documentary Call me Salma! ‘Call me Salma’ will be playing on the EBS network saturday august 28th at 19:05 hrs, Korean time.

Spread the word!

‘Appelez-moi Salma’ Sélection Officielle du FFM 2010/Official Selection of the WFF 2010

Our documentary ‘Appelez-moi Salma’ will have it’s north American premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival this summer.

Date, place and time to come soon!!!

Watch the trailer in HD by clicking here

Notre documentaire ‘Appelez-moi Salma’ jouera en primeur  nord-américaine au Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal cet été.

Date, lieu et heure à venir bientôt!!!

Visionnez la bande-annonce en HD en cliquant ici.

Download ‘Call me Salma’ Flyer

Some people in the past have asked us if we had a flyer or press kit for our documentary ‘Call me Salma/Appelez-moi Salma

Finally, here it is, please click here to download it. Sorry it’s only in English.

Better late then never right?

Il y a du monde qui nous on demandé si on avait un dépliant ou ciné-fiche pour notre documentaire ‘Call me Salma/Appelez-moi Salma

Finalement, le voici, svp cliquez ici pour le télécharger. Désolé il est seulement en anglais.

Mieux vaut tard que jamais n’est-ce pas?

Premier article sur ‘Appelez-moi Salma’/First article about ‘Call me Salma’

Après avoir lu cet article à propos de notre doc, on a l’impression d’avoir réalisé un film d’aventure.

After having read this article about our doc, we get the impression that we directed an adventure flick.

‘Appelez-moi Salma’ Minuit, Le soir du 6 avril, sur DIRECT 8

Finalement! Finally!

Qui aurait cru il y a un an que Salma serait à la télé en France.

Who would of thought a year ago that Salma would be on Tv in France.

‘Appelez-moi Salma’ Unofficial premier

Hey everybody. If you’re in Montreal and have nothing to do on sunday afternoons come check out our documentary. Entry is free so tell your friends! See you there

‘Call me Salma’ official trailer, ‘Appelez-moi Salma’ bande-annonce officielle

version française

English version

the last remaining ‘behind the scenes pics’

check them out.. awaiting on a few things before we can finally reveal the trailer and other fun stuff!!!