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Mosque arrives in Inuvik!

picture courtesy of 'Saira Rahman'

If you overheard the small-talk in Inuvik these past weeks you probably heard something about the ‘little mosque in the tundra’, or ‘the little mosque in the arctic’. Everybody in Inuvik, us included, were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the mosque.

Rumours were circulating and everybody (this included the shipping company) seemed to have a different idea of when the mosque was to arrive. The mosque which was built in Winnipeg by the Zubaidah Tallab foundation was shipped on September 1st by truck to Hay River NWT and then by barge to Inuvik on the Mackenzie river to finally arrive, to the surprise of many in Inuvik, September 22nd at 5:30pm. The total distance travelled by the mosque was roughly 4000 kms.

After having called our taxi driver friends  (who are almost all muslim) about the mosque’s immediate arrival, it wasn’t long before they showed up alongside their family and friends. Roughly 30 people greeted the mosque with waves, cameras, prayers and smiles.

The mosque is in town, but a lot of work still needs to be done before it’s opening. Tomorrow, it will be lifted and dropped on their newly purchased plot of land. Afterwards, a good month of interior touch ups will be needed in order to officially open its doors.

A lot more information to come, including video!

So stay tuned!